State Leadership

Presenting Our State Officers 2016-2018

State Regent
Janet McFarland

Vice President General, NSDAR
Julia Rogers
State Vice Regent
Marcia Guzauskas
State Chaplain
Andrea (Annie) John
State Recording Secretary
Sybil Anne Strimbu
State Corresponding Secretary
Katrina Sarlin
State Organizing Secretary
Cindy Hays
State Treasurer
Joan Michie
State Registrar
Yvonne Liser
State Historian
Lisa Tenges Adams
State Librarian
Catherine Timbers
State Parliamentarian
Marlene Taggart

State Regent's Project

The State Regent's Project for the McFarland Administration focuses on three important aspects of DCDAR:

1. Serving our veterans

Funding the U.S. Vets Transitional House, including a computer lab for DC veterans and a vehicle for taking veterans to/from appointments.

2. Learning about our founders

Telling our founders' story, one patriot at a time, including exploring and learning about the 14 Revolutionary War patriots that are memorialized in statues throughout Washington, DC.

3. Strengthening our chapters

Focusing on ways to strengthen and grow our chapters, including GEP II Scholarship for budding genealogists; upgrading and renovating our digital DCDAR world; and compiling a DCDAR GRC Volume of Bible records and DC records.

State Motto

"Strength United is Stronger"

State Regent's Pin


State Theme

"Rejoicing in our Freedom given through the service and sacrifice of American Patriots."

"Serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received."

1 Peter 4:10b (NRSV)